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Our Company

Elià was started in 2014 by Elizabeth Dunn. The idea for the company came while speaking with Tia Markou and Yiannis Markou, the owners of Markou Samos. They were interested in bringing their Olive Oil to the US for distribution.  After many conversations about who would be best suited to start the venture, Beth agreed to start Elià. The decision to start the business and take on the task of distributing the oil was not difficult because of the many years of friendship between Tia, Beth and Yiannis and the fact that the olive oil is great tasting and easy to use for all kinds of cooking.  The olives are a particular favorite among family and friends, even the picky ones that don’t normally like olives. The green olive soap is 100% natural and is useful for many things, like helping keep skin smooth, relieving poison ivy itch and helping remove greasy stains from laundry.

The first shipment of oil arrived in May of 2014. The website and Facebook pages are up and running, the brochures are ready and the task of letting everyone know has begun. The olive oil, olives and green olive soap are all available for sale by calling the Elià customer service number (203) 417-1490.  Soon to follow will be the Elià web store, where orders can be placed online.  The site will offer all the products currently available including a “Gift Package” for the person who has everything!

It is the goal of Elià to make this a successful venture for Tia and Yiannis while bringing a little bit of Greece to our friends and family here in the US.  We know how much we enjoy the product, now it’s your turn!!